Diving Courses

We have split our dive courses up into three sections Beginners, Advanced, and Specialty courses. The beginner’s section has five programs in it Discover Scuba Diving which is like a try dive. It’s not a certification but a one day experience. The next is the first-course Scuba Diver which is the entry-level, then the Open Water Diver Course. The last in this section is the Refresher Course which helps you get back into diving if it’s been a while since your last dive.

The second section is the Advanced courses, there are five-course programs in this section. First is the Advanced Open Water Course which comes after the Open Water Course. Then there’s the EFR Course (First Aid Response) which you need before you do the Rescue Course. The last is the level professional course the DiveMaster. We also offer the Nitrox combined with the Advanced Open Water Course.

The last section deals with the specialty courses we offer can offer. We can offer six of these. Deep Diver, Navigation, Search and Recovery, Nitrox Enrich Air, and Fish ID.

All the courses are PADI courses the world’s most recognized diving organization.