Top 10 Best Scuba Fins of 2016

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Aqualung Stratos 3 Full Foot Scuba Fins

Heading up our top 10 scuba fins list is the fantastic Aqualung Stratos 3. This full foot fin combines amazing functionality, and comfort while not breaking the bank. Anyone who dives in warmer waters on a consistent basis would do well to look into these. The design puts the flex point close to the front of your foot, which helps utilize the entire fin while you kick. This leads to a great power vs effort ratio, so you wont be using up as much energy having to kick hard. This means better air consumption and longer dives. The material is soft and the toe area is surprisingly roomy. The overall build quality is great and all these factors combined with the low price point makes this our go to dive fin of choice for 2016. Do yourself a favor and give them a look! They also work fantastic as snorkel fins for tropical explorers!

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SEAC Propulsion Wave Open Heel Dive Fins

Looking at the Seac propulsion scuba fins, you will notice a very similar design to the Aqualung Stratos 3’s above. This is not a complete coincidence at all. This general design gives a great balance of power and maneuverability. The fin length is decently long which provides ample thrust, especially when paired with the 3 soft rubber grooves which help channel water and redirect it as thrust. The open heel design makes it a versatile dive fin that suits any situation and the foot pocket is super comfortable. The price range is affordable while still being a high quality scuba fin. These fins provide a decent level of flex, so those who prefer super stiff fins might want to look at other options. Several members of the Scuba Diving Dreams team rock these scuba fins as their daily gear.

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ScubaPro Seawing Nova Open Heel Scuba Fins

There was some debate among the team which position in the top 3 best scuba fins the ScubaPro Seawing Nova dive fins would take. They are unquestionably one of the best set of scuba fins any diver could choose, the only downside is the high price. This is why they come in at number 3 on our top 10 list, as the price level makes them attractive mostly to intermediate or advanced level divers who really want the best equipment. ScubaPro is synonymous with high quality scuba gear, and this design is amazing. The strong flex point ensures the entire fin gets into the action and provides an amazing level of thrust. The tapered edges on the blades help in alternate kicking styles and the back strap is extremely well built and comfortable, with a large grip point that really helps when slipping them on. Overall the Seawing Nova’s are pretty much the best dive fin money can buy, if you have the higher budget for premium level gear. They have have consistently won editors choice awards from all the major scuba diving publications and topped our user survey in 2016. The price point might be off putting but anyone who has tried these scuba fins has fallen in love with them, and with good reason.

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Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Diving Fins

Atomic Aquatics has been absolutely killing it with their high end lineup of scuba gear over the past few years, and these full foot split fins are no exception. The surprising thing is the price point! The are actually affordable to entry level divers looking to build their own set of scuba gear while also being versatile enough to appeal to advanced level divers. Split fin designs have been gaining popularity over the last several years and if you try out these dive fins, you will see why. They provide a nice amount of flex and a decent amount of thrust vs exertion. The rubber is nice and soft, and wont chafe like some more generic fins dive centers use as rentals and having comfortable scuba fins makes a world of difference. These fins look great with an eye catching design that is form meets function and they easily deserve the number 4 spot on our top 10 scuba fins list. Great for beginners or experts who love to dive in warmer waters.

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Mares X-Stream Open Heel Dive Fins

The Mares X-Stream scuba fins are a direct response to the amazing ScubaPro Seawing Nova, as you can probably tell from the first glance. A large flex point at the front of the foot pocket helps relieve stress on your joints while getting the large blades to power you through the water smoothly. The vented foot pocket is one of the softest we have tried so far, and works great with both bare feet and neoprene scuba boots. While falling into the higher price range that usually appeals to intermediate or advanced divers, these are certainly some of the highest quality scuba fins in terms of construction materials and performance. A worthwhile investment for any diver looking for premium level gear.

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