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The Equipment Of The Scuba Diver

Not as Complicated as It May Look The first time for anything can be overwhelming, that first day of High School, your first date, your first driving lesson and, yes, your first diving lesson. When you slipped behind the steering wheel of the car for the first time, you had years of experience observing other drivers as they used the different tools – accelerator pedal, brakes, steering wheels – that a driver uses. Knowing the basic function of those items [...]


5 of the best regulators

MARES ABYSS 22 NAVY Approved to exacting US Navy standards, the Abyss 22 Navy uses the thermal transfer properties of an all-metal design and an oil-filled environmental seal to counteract the effects of cold water. The balanced diaphragm first stage delivers a high volume of gas at any tank pressure regardless of depth thanks to its Dynamic Flow Control and Vortex Assisted Design, making it the ideal choice for those hardy individuals who prefer a little ice with their diving. ATOMIC [...]