Saving Air

Secrets to Saving Air while Scuba Diving

Do you use up air faster than your dive buddy? We’ve got tips on Saving Air Do you consistently run through your gas supply faster than other divers on the boat? Do you frequently have to end the dive before the rest of the group? What’s going on? And what can you do about it? First, you can stop beating yourself up over it. People are different. Those with slower metabolisms will — other factors being equal — use less oxygen. [...]


Scuba Diving and Fitness

Scuba Diving and Fitness Scuba diving started out with a reputation of being high risk and requiring great physical strength. Those early days used rubber dry suits and flotation gear was often a military surplus Mae West life jacket. The Mae West was only used at the end of the dive to keep you afloat. Divers use pure muscle power to counter difference in buoyancy. Equipment was often heavy and bulky. Clearly not a task for a youngster or member [...]