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Certification While on Vacation, Should I Start at Home?

The majority of the world’s population lives within a two hours drive of a coast or major waterway. However, that does not mean that they have access to someplace suitable for scuba diving year round. While many a diver will dive in cold water, even under the ice, the majority of divers prefer warm water diving. Learning to dive in a tropical paradise adds to the excitement of someone planning on learning to dive. Going diving is an integral [...]

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Steps To Become an Open Water Diver

There are three sections of your open water training, knowledge development, confined water training and open water training. For most people considering learning how to dive, it is the water sessions that have the largest concerns. The progression is simple, the five knowledge session provide the background information to understand the need for the skills in the corresponding confined water sessions. The skills learned in the five confined water sessions are honed in the four open water session. There [...]


Open Water Course

Hi here at Samui Island Divers we offer all PADI dive course up to Divemaster put by far the most popular is the PADI Open water course. This is the first leave course which allows you to dive to a depth of 18 meters with out a dive professorial but we would advise you to dive with one specially if you never dive at that dive site before. The course takes four days to complete but we can send you [...]