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Scuba Diving BC Review 2018 7 to 14

BACK-INFLATION BCs Aqua Lung Rogue The Rogue shares a modular design with Aqua Lung’s Outlaw, but without the Outlaw’s über-minimalist approach. The Rogue’s harness (rated very good for comfort) uses the same quick-release connectors that allow up to 27 size configurations of back plate and straps. But it has more lift — with a 35-pound air cell — four stainless D-rings, a right-shoulder exhaust, and drop-down cargo pockets big enough for an SMB. The integrated weights mount vertically, which lets them [...]

Scuba Diving Equipment

The Equipment Of The Scuba Diver, Not as Complicated as It May Look

The Equipment Of The Scuba Diver The first time for anything can be overwhelming, that first day of High School, your first date, your first driving lesson and, yes, your first diving lesson. When you slipped behind the steering wheel of the car for the first time, you had years of experience observing other drivers as they used the different tools – accelerator pedal, brakes, steering wheels – that a driver uses. Knowing the basic function of those items made [...]

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Scuba Pro BCD

DIVE THE WORLD Lightweight, easy to pack and extremely comfortable, this is a true travel BC. Traveling divers who prefer the fit and feel of a front-adjustable BC will definitely want to give the restyledGO a try. With an easy-to-fold backpack and light overall weight (size large weighs just a little over six pounds), the GO is a proven world traveler. At the same time, it offers all the performance and convenience features you’d expect from a full-featured general-purpose BC.