Search and Recovery Course

Search and Recovery Course

The search and recovery course is about gathering information and resources, then carefully planning a search are the first important steps you learn. During four scuba dives, you’ll practice swimming search patterns using your compass and natural navigation. Locating large and small objects using various search patterns. Using a lift bag for large or heavy objects, plus other recovery methods. Planning a search operation based on facts gathered about a lost object prior to the dive Your Instructor will also show you how to tie different knots commonly use in scuba. The bowline is one of the easiest knots to learn, and it’s useful when it comes to securing a line around a fixed point or ring or to create a loop at the end of a line. It can take a bit of practice to master and there are also a few ways to tie it. One of the best things about a bowline is that it cannot be undone when there is a load on the end of it, but it can be easily untied once the load is removed. Secured properly, it is a very strong knot for various purposes. There is also the figure of 8, Sheet bend, Square knot, and the double half hitch.

The Search and Recovery Course is designed to help you find the lost item easier. Your  Instructor will teach you effective ways to search for objects underwater increasing your chances of success.

Price per Person: ฿ 11000
Duration: 2 Days
Schedule: Pick up from your hotel at 7:00am for transfer to the pier. The speed boat leaves at 8:00am for Koh Tao and we arrive at the dive site at 9:20am. After the first dive, we have a 1-hour surface interval you then have your second dive at a different location around Koh Tao. We arrive back at the pier in Koh Samui at 3:00pm. The second day pick up from your hotel 7:00am for transfer to the pier. The speed boat leaves at 8:00am for Sail Rock and we arrive at the dive site at 9:00am. We have 1-hour surface interval, have the second dive and return back at 1:00pm
Included in the Price: 4 Training Dives, Hotel Transfers, Morning coffee/tea, Light Breakfast, Lunch, Refreshments, Dive Equipment, All Materials needed for the course.
Maximum persons per Instructor 4