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Seac R30 Dive Light | ScubaLab Best Buy

See why this dive light was rated highly for its value in our latest dive light review.

The Seac R30 dive light was a ScubaLab Best Buy during the 2018 dive light test. Learn what testers liked about this light in this video review. See the full ScubaLab dive light review here.

I’m Roger Roy, the ScubaLab director. We tested the Seac R30 dive light. Powerful and versatile, the Seac R30 is our Best Buy for large dive lights.

We tested the R30’s light output on a full and partially discharged battery at Wilger Testing Company in Sarasota, Florida. It was tested using an integrating sphere in order to measure the light’s total output in lumens, without regard to its beam angle.

We also tested the R30 during a night dive at Devil’s Den Spring in Williston, Florida with a team of test divers who scored it in 8 categories including ease of use, light output and beam size and shape.

The R30’s profile reminds us of an old-fashioned night watchman’s light, or as one test diver wrote, “like a caveman’s club.” But once in the water divers had little but praise for the R30 and its very functional beam that can be adjusted from 12 to75 degrees by rotating the light head. The sliding magnetic switch on the top was rated excellent, taking the top score in its category for ease of operation.

It’s powered by a rechargeable Li-ion that can be easily removed, as well as charged while in light by removing the tail piece. It’s a handy feature, but underwater be sure you don’t accidentally loosen the tail piece while twisting the light head. One gripe was its limited settings, with just 2 power levels plus a flash; it’s so bright, some divers wanted an extra step down in power.

Powerful, versatile and the least expensive in its category, the Seac R30 is our Best Buy for large dive light.

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