Peck Performance Buoyancy Course

Peak Performance Buoyancy

On the Peak Performance Buoyancy Course, your instructor will teach you; How to trim your scuba gear so you can find balance while diving. The course will also teach you how to determine your exact weight so you will never be too light or too heavy in the water. We will teach you techniques to save air, to glide more smoothly, and to hover in vertical and horizontal positions. Overall, this specialty will teach you how to be in control of your buoyancy while in the water. After taking the Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty course, diving will become more enjoyable. You won’t have to spend as much time trying to stay on the right path because you will finally be able to move effortlessly through the water like the divers you have envied in the past. With more buoyancy control, you can take more time to enjoy your surroundings and the unique sights underwater. Becoming neutrally buoyant doesn’t just benefit you, it also benefits the underwater world. When you are able to ascend, descend, or hover easily with full control, you’ll have less impact on the underwater environment. 

The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course improves the buoyancy skills you have learned as a new diver and elevates you to the next level.

Price per Person: ฿ 8000
Duration: 1 Day
Schedule: Pick up from your hotel at 7:00am for transfer to the pier. The speed boat leaves at 8:00am for Koh Tao and we arrive at the dive site at 9:20am. After the first dive, we have a 1-hour surface interval you then have your second dive at a different location around Koh Tao. We arrive back at the pier in Koh Samui at 3:00pm.
Included in the Price: 2 Training Dives,  Hotel Transfers,  Light Breakfast Tea/Coffee,  Refreshments water/Soft Drinks,  Lunch,  Dive Equipment, All materials needed for the course.
Maximum persons per Instructor 4