advance open water

PADI Advance Open Water Course

Congratulation to Alain for passing his PADI Advance Open Water Course. The course took him two days to complete comprising of five adventure dives, two of which have to be a deep dive and navigation dive. The first day started with pick up from his hotel for transfer to the pier. Once at the pier we set up the dive equipment making sure we had everything sorted for the dives. We then had time for a light breakfast and a briefing of the days dive ahead off us.

The speedboat left for Koh Tao at 8am and arriving 90 minutes later at the first Dive site. The first dive he did was the navigation dive. The dive teachers you how to use a underwater compass, also measuring distances and using natural navigation technique

Advance open water

using a underwater compass

The second dive was a boat dive were you learn boat terminology and procedures. The last dive of the day Alain did photography.

The last day of Alain course we went to Sail Rock for his Deep Dive. Here we teach you planning a deep dive, buddy contacts and dealing with gas narcosis.

PADI Advance course

The last dive off the course was the fish ID and at Sail Rock there is no better place as it’s like a magnet for marine life. Sail Rock didn’t disappoint us as we got to see a Turtle there. Turtle

If you would like to book please follow the link  Advance open water 

Booking online one week in advance you will receive 10% discount paying a deposit of 10% of the course.

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