Open Water Diver Course

Open Water Diver Course

The first day you will begin by watching the open water video sections 1 through to 5 (unless you watched them online), and then your instructor will take you through knowledge reviews with some quizzes to test you, then the final exam. We do this to make sure that you understand everything in this course. After lunch, we will take you to the pool. At the pool, your instructor will teach you how to set your equipment up and show you how it all works. Then it’s in the pool where you will learn the proper way to breathe underwater and learn new skills to get you ready for the ocean dives.  

On the second day we pick you up from your hotel, then we drive to the pier. Once we are abroad the boat you will set up your own equipment making sure everything is in good working order.  Your instructor will give you a briefing on the way to the dive sites, about the day’s activity.  You will complete two dives with the skills you learned in the swimming pool. There will be time also on both dives to experience the magic what the seas have to offer us. 

The third day is the same as the second put we practice different skills than we did on the second day but still giving us time to practice our buoyancy and getting acclimatize to being under the ocean.

The open water diver course is by far the most popular dive course in the world. It is a full scuba license which is why it’s the most popular course, it allows you to dive anywhere in the world and also allows you to start adventure dive specialties courses. Your instructor will guide you through the course at your own pace to make sure you understand everything involved in this course.

Price per Person: ฿ 16500
Duration: 3 to 4 Days
Schedule: The first day pick up from your hotel at 9:00am for the classroom session, the afternoon swimming pool session finishes at 5:00pm Pick up from your hotel at 7:00am for transfer to the pier. The speed boat leaves at 8:00am for Koh Tao and we arrive at the dive site at 9:20am. After the first dive, we have a 1-hour surface interval you then have your second dive at a different location around Koh Tao. We arrive back at the pier in Koh Samui at 3:00pm. The second day pick up from your hotel 7:00am for transfer to the pier. The speed boat leaves at 8:00am for Sail Rock and we arrive at the dive site at 9:00am. We have 1-hour surface interval, have the second dive and return back at 1:00pm
Included in the Price: 4 Training Dives, Hotel Transfers, Morning coffee/tea (boat only), Light Breakfast (boat only), Lunch (boat only), Refreshments, Dive Equipment, All Materials needed for the course.
Maximum persons per Instructor 4