Open Water Course

Hi here at Samui Island Divers we offer all PADI dive course up to Divemaster put by far the most popular is the PADI Open water course. This is the first leave course which allows you to dive to a depth of 18 meters with out a dive professorial but we would advise you to dive with one specially if you never dive at that dive site before.

The course takes four days to complete but we can send you the DVD to watch at home or at your hotel here in Koh Samui which will save you time in the classroom in turn saving you pressures time of your holiday. The course will then take three days, the first day will be in the classroom with your instructor who will take you thought the knowledge reviews making sure you understand the fundamentals of diving. There is a 10 question quiz after each knowledge review then the final exam. This helps your instructor making sure you understand the fundamentals of diving. Now its time for the swimming pool where you will be shown skills that you need to knew to make you sure your comfortable in the water. Your instructor will demonstrate them to you first then you will be asked to perform them, don’t worry if you don’t master them at first as your instructor will help you with the correct techniques to master them.



The next two days you will go out on the boat for your four open water training dives, the first day we will take you to Koh Tao for your first two training dives to a maximum depth of 12mtr. The first dive your instructor will get you to demonstrate a few skills you learnt in the swimming pool then after lunch we will take you to another dive site around Koh Tao, you will also be ask to demonstrate some skill again. The last day of your open water course we will take you to Sail Rock which is considered one of the best dive sites here in the Gulf of Thailand. Here you will finish of your last two training dives of your open water course.

The total cost for the course is 16,500 Thai Baht which includes all materials need for the course, pick up from your hotel, there will be a light breakfast provide for you at the pier or on the boat. We also provide you with lunch in between your dives, equipment is also include as are refreshment though out the day.

We any have four students per instructor which will give you time to explore the underwater world with your instructor helping you to perfect your buoyancy.

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