Humpback Whales

15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Humpback Whales

1) The humpback whale makes the longest migration between seasonal feeding and breeding areas of any mammal. 2) Orcas and dusky sharks are among known predators of humpback whale calves. 3) One disputed estimate suggests that there were almost 250,000 humpbacks in the North Atlantic before whaling began. There are now 12,000. 4) Following the 1986 global moratorium on whale hunting, humpbacks have moved from Endangered to Vulnerable, and in 2008, to Least Concern, with an estimated population of more than 60,000 animals. 5) Male humpbacks are the Pavarottis of [...]

Blue Whale

The Secret to Diving with Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

The Blue Whale is the largest animal on earth. Tobias Friedrich Sri Lanka is one of the only countries in which you can observe the largest land mammal, the elephant and the largest marine mammal, the blue whale. At the same time. On an area no bigger than Ireland, the island state stretches in the third largest ocean in the world. Less than one hundred kilometers south of India and described in travel guides as the “pearl of the Indian [...]

Ghost Net

Safety Procedures and Best Practices for Ghost Net Removal

By Edgardo Ochoa Fishing gear Ghost Net has been lost, abandoned or otherwise discarded in all seas and oceans ever since fishing began. The extent and impacts of the problem have worsened significantly in recent years with the increasing levels of industrial fishing and also the increasing durability of fishing gear. Fishing activity has now extended to previously untouched offshore and deep-sea environments, which are often very sensitive to the impacts of abandoned fishing gear. The author takes a look at a [...]

Scuba Dive

6 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Scuba Dive

6 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Scuba Dive Everyone knows about the coral reefs, shipwrecks and sheer walls of the Caribbean and Pacific. But what about the lesser-known sites that divers can explore? Believe it or not, you can strap on a tank and survey the Great Wall of China, an abandoned strip club and more. The Great Wall of China “You can’t dive the Pyramids, but you can dive the Great Wall,” says Steven Schwankert, founder of SinoScuba, a dive [...]


Hoodwinker Sunfish

CROWD-SOURCED SCIENCE REVEALS HOODWINKER A sunfish until recently thought to exist only in the Southern Hemisphere has been washed ashore in Santa Barbara, California. The hoodwinker (Mola tecta, from tectus or “hidden”) was first discovered in New Zealand five years ago, and later described by scientists as the first new species of sunfish in 130 years. The 2m fish was stranded on Sands Beach in the Coal Oil Point Reserve, where it was assumed to be an oceanic sunfish (Mola mola) [...]

Discover Scuba Diving

Special Offer

Discover Scuba Diving We are offering a Discover scuba dive at Koh Tao for only 5,000 THB this offer last till the end of March 2019 Normal Price 6,000 Thai Baht  per person Scuba Diving ever wondered what it’s like. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program is designed so you can experience the underwater world without taking a course if you’re short on time on your holiday. This is not a scuba diving certification but you’ll learn some of the steps it takes to [...]


Dive Into Japan’s Mysterious Yonaguni Monument

It’s rainy and windy as our group lands with hopes of experiencing one of the strangest places on Earth: the Yonaguni monument. This spectacular rock formation was discovered by divers in 1986, and ever since, its origin has been shrouded in mystery and controversy. Is the site natural or man-made? Perhaps a natural formation modified by humans? Or was it quite simply made by extraterrestrial beings that settled here and made some kind of weird landing site for their otherworldly [...]


Best Scuba Diving Women’s Wetsuits

A comfortable Wetsuits with the right amount of protection will make any good dive even better. Especially when that wetsuit is cut specifically for you. Our 2019 scuba diving Gear Buyers Guide will help you find the best women’s wetsuit or shorty that fits your diving style. Akona 3 mm Women’s Front Zip Quantum Stretch Suit For women who demand premium comfort and performance in a wetsuit, plus a dash of modern style, AKONA delivers the Quantum Stretch in two configurations — front [...]

Scuba Gear

Scuba Gear Buyer’s Guide

Having the best diving gear will always enhance your experience underwater. Your mask is arguably the most important element to consider when gathering your equipment. You’re going to want to put a lot of thought into choosing the right mask, regardless of whether you prefer snorkeling or scuba diving. Many beginners find this out the hard way. When you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to rent equipment first. This allows you to get a feel for the sport before [...]

UnderWater Photographer

Under Water Photographer Spotlight: Frankie Grant

Tell us a little about yourself. The start of an eventful career usually begins at the bottom, and for me it was at the bottom of a quarry called Fantasy Lake, a few miles from my parent’s house in Raleigh, North Carolina. Diving hooked me after 30 minutes or so of floating around weightless with only slight brain freeze. That was 10 years ago as a sophomore in college. Working today as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, it has been my [...]