Deep Diver Course

Deep Diver Course

Day 1 begins with knowledge reviews making sure you learn how to plan and execute you dive safely; we also show you how to assemble a drop tank at 5 meters ready for your first dive. After the first dive, we will have lunch and start to plan our second dive with the computer and also the RDP making sure we can execute the dive safely. You will notice how your no-decompression limit has decreased from the first dive. 

We will go through the effects of nitrogen narcosis with you and decompression illness, signs, and symptoms. There are also the first aid techniques to go through. Day 2 you will finish your last 2 deep dives to complete your deep diver course finishing all the paperwork off required for your certification.

Welcome to the DEEP DIVER SPECIALTY COURSE, dive in places few people have explored before! dive safely below 30 meters! 

We at Lamai Scuba Diving will teach you the RIGHT skills and the RIGHT knowledge giving you the opportunity to go deeper to see things others can only dream about. The Deep Diver Specialty course takes 2 days with a series of 4 deep dives. Scuba equipment you need is all included in the course and we will also provide you rental free a dive computer so you can stay well within the decompression limits while you are enrolled in the course.

Price per Person: ฿ 12500
Duration: 2 Days
Schedule: Pick up from your hotel at 7:00am for transfer to the pier. The speed boat leaves at 8:00am for Koh Tao and we arrive at the dive site at 9:20am. After the first dive, we have a 1-hour surface interval you then have your second dive at a different location around Koh Tao. We arrive back at the pier in Koh Samui at 3:00pm. The second day pick up from your hotel 7:00am for transfer to the pier. The speed boat leaves at 8:00am for Sail Rock and we arrive at the dive site at 9:00am. We have a 1-hour surface interval, have the second dive, and return back at 1:00 pm.
Included in the Price: 4 Training Dives, Hotel Transfers, Morning coffee/tea, Light Breakfast, Refreshments, Dive Equipment, All Materials needed for the course.
Maximum persons per Instructor 4