Cressi Thor EBS Fins


Brand new design for this extremely effective and yet very easy to use fin. The special arched profile of the fins combined with the two central ribs promotes a significant flow convection effect, known as “spoon effect”, which stabilises and boosts propulsion. Two lateral holes discharge the negative forces typically associated with this area and at the same time make for enhanced stability. The blades are moulded from two different materials for improved reactivity. These fins are perfect for scuba diving, whether you are an experienced diver or a novice.

Thor fins have a wide, soft-centered blade that’s in a permanent scoop formation, making moving water out of your way that much easier on a dive. The arched profile combines with two central ribs to not only move the water but boost your speed as you power through it. Further, the triangular vents along the side, which allow for water flow, mean that you can get that power without undue stress on the legs. This feature comes in very handy for those of us with short legs or limited kicking thrust.

Blades are molded of two different materials, which also boosts their reactivity. Because they’re powerful without being bulky, they’re suitable for everyone from the newest diver to the most experienced.Cressi

Finally, the new EBS strap is easily adjustable and leaves extra/ample room in the foot pocket for different bootie styles. I had gloves on while putting the fins on and taking them off and had no issues with either. They were snug without being tight underwater as pressure increased.

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