Whale Shark

Olympus Tough TG 5

After my mouths of debating to my I finally decided to buy the Olympus Tough TG 5 and I am not disappointed. Design The TG-5 retains a lot of the same design elements from the TG-4, and for good reason: They just work. For instance, the TG-5 uses the same dual-latch design on its two compartment doors  — one for the battery and memory card, and the other for the ports (micro HDMI and micro USB). Each ensures you don’t damage [...]

Ghost Net

Safety Procedures and Best Practices for Ghost Net Removal

By Edgardo Ochoa Fishing gear Ghost Net has been lost, abandoned or otherwise discarded in all seas and oceans ever since fishing began. The extent and impacts of the problem have worsened significantly in recent years with the increasing levels of industrial fishing and also the increasing durability of fishing gear. Fishing activity has now extended to previously untouched offshore and deep-sea environments, which are often very sensitive to the impacts of abandoned fishing gear. The author takes a look at a [...]

Saving Air

Secrets to Saving Air while Scuba Diving

Do you use up air faster than your dive buddy? We’ve got tips on Saving Air Do you consistently run through your gas supply faster than other divers on the boat? Do you frequently have to end the dive before the rest of the group? What’s going on? And what can you do about it? First, you can stop beating yourself up over it. People are different. Those with slower metabolisms will — other factors being equal — use less oxygen. [...]


Specialties and Advance Open Water Diving Certification

After you have your Open Water Diver certification complete, you will often have divers tell you what training you should take next. The amount of advice you get may be overwhelming. The first suggestion will be to take the Advance Open Water Diver (PADI) training or Advance Adventure Diver Training (SSI). This advice is well meaning and for many divers a good plan for additional training. As a OWD, you are certified to dive to the depth 60 feet/ [...]

Enriched Air Nitrox

The “Mystery” of Nitrox (EAN) Diving

While Nitrox diving has been used in recreational diving for over 25 years, there is still a degree of mystery about it. Even some misunderstanding what it can do for your diving. Because of this, many divers never undertake the short additional training that is required to qualify to dive Nitrox. Once you are training, diving with Nitrox only involves verifying the percentage before each dive. Nitrox is short for Nitrogen-oxygen, and is any blend of air where those [...]

Decompression Diving

Decompression Diving – What Is It and Should I Avoid It?

The term decompression diving is sometimes confusing for beginning divers. It brings forth the images of complicated formulas and in depth planning. They are told that it is “just” for technical divers who have vast amount of training and it not for mere recreational divers. They are right mostly, however, that does not mean that the recreational diver should not be aware of the topic and what it involves. In a broad definition, we can say that a decompression [...]

Open Water Referral

Certification While on Vacation, Should I Start at Home?

The majority of the world’s population lives within a two hours drive of a coast or major waterway. However, that does not mean that they have access to someplace suitable for scuba diving year round. While many a diver will dive in cold water, even under the ice, the majority of divers prefer warm water diving. Learning to dive in a tropical paradise adds to the excitement of someone planning on learning to dive. Going diving is an integral [...]

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Principals to Great Buoyancy Control

5 Principals to Great Buoyancy Control Fancy to feel like an astronaut doing a EVA, an Extravehicular activity. Astronauts train for space walks required to repair the International Space Station (ISS) in a specially built swimming pool. The feeling of an astronaut weightlessness in space is almost identical to the feeling of a neutrally buoyant scuba diver. Becoming a skilled diver able to maintain neutrally buoyancy is a task that takes time for many divers. However, it is time well [...]