How To Clean and Maintain Your Scuba Diving Wetsuit

Lingering saltwater, sand, silt and other unsavory liquids can wear down on your wetsuit or get it stinky in a hurry. To keep your wetsuit in tip-top shape and have it last as long as you can fit, it’s important to properly prep and clean it before and after each dive. Here are a few tips from our Gear Editor on keeping your scuba diving wetsuits in great shape. WETSUIT CARE — BEFORE YOU DIVE • CHECK ALL ZIPPERS to make [...]

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Scuba Gear for Beginners from Aqualung

With Aqua Lung being the brand name that introduced the world to scuba diving 75 years ago this year, it’s fair to say that they know what they’re doing when making kit. Right now they have a fantastic range of gear to help you discover the underwater world. From taking your very first breath underwater to becoming a seasoned diver, Aqua Lung has something for you. Aqua Lung equipment has intuitive features and functions as well as stylish design, so you’re comfortable, safe [...]