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Best Fins for 2019 Buyers Guide

There’s nothing quite like diving with a pair of powerful fins that are comfortable and fit like a glove. Our 2019 scuba diving Gear Buyers Guide will help you find the best scuba diving fins that fit your diving style.

Apeks RK3

Scuba Diving Fins

This tough, tec-minded find is built to take serious abuse, with rugged construction and stainless spring straps. That’s why it’s the choice of many public safety, military and Coast Guard divers. For all divers, the RK3 offers a wide, short, vented blade for optimal thrust, maneuverability and efficiency. An all-rubber construction makes the RK3 durable enough to last longer than you do.

Aqua Lung Phazer

Scuba Diving Fins

With its innovative composite wave rib technology, the Phazer fin allows you to generate powerful kicks with easy, energy-maximizing leg movement. The tri-material construction makes the most of all areas of the fin: foot-pocket, blade and side ribs. The blade features a soft TPR membrane to improve water channeling during the kick cycle.

Cressi Free Frog

Scuba Diving Fins

The Free Frog shares many similarities with the Frog fin, including a heavier material and a foot pocket mounted beneath the blade for reduced foot strain. This design also increases the working surface area of the blade for more efficient kicking. The difference between the two fins is that the Free Frog has a closed-heel foot-pocket.

Cressi Frog

Scuba Diving Fins

An update to the original Frog fin, this new version is heavier than most of Cressi’s current fins making it ideal for divers using thick wetsuits or drysuits. The foot pocket is mounted beneath the blade for a 20-percent increase in the blade’s working surface area and to reduce foot strain.

Mares Avanti Pure

Scuba Diving Fins

The latest advance in Mares’ signature Avanti line is a dual-material blade fin that features one of the most elaborate bungie strap systems we’ve seen. Designed to work barefoot or with boots, the soft, flexible foot pocket is served by an ergonomic heel pad built to relieve Achilles heel pressure and a bungie guide system created to prevent annoying pocket pivoting.

Scubapro Go Sport


The new Go Sport fin is an updated version of the Testers Choice-winning Go model that impressed ScubaLab divers in 2017. The compact-but-powerful monoprene blade with rail-mounted power bars is mated to the improved Ergo3 foot pocket that’s been re-engineered for use with booties for divers who don’t want to go barefoot. And the interchangeable Scuba Skegs offer customized stability and trailing edge rigidity.

Seac F1 S

Scuba Diving Fins

This lively open-heel fin looks great and performs even better. Featuring a blade made of high-performance technopolymers, the fin is light and flexible yet durable. The comfortable foot pocket has a non-slip sole and includes a special elastic Sling Strap complete with heel pad and large finger loop for easy donning and doffing.

Seac Propulsion S

Scuba Diving Fins

A versatile fin with a flexible blade and a comfortable foot pocket featuring a soft thermoplastic upper, the Propulsion S delivers reliable kicking power and solid maneuverability. The polyolefin thermoplastic blade has soft inserts to increase flexibility and improve water channeling. The elastic Sling Strap features a comfortable heel pad with finger loop.

Sherwood Triton Pro

Scuba Diving Fins

The updated Triton has a 30-percent stiffer blade constructed with upgraded materials to ramp up the kick power and maximize snap for added responsiveness. Thankfully, they kept the effective triple blade vents. And the stainless steel bungee straps offer durability and strength with easy donning and doffing thanks to the oversized grab ring.

Tusa SF0104 Hyflex Switch

Scuba Diving Fins

You’ll enjoy lively kicking action with the HyFlex SWITCH. The fin blade is made of quality polyurethane that provides a snappy response. Add the multi-compound foot pocket for increased power transfer to the blade, plus the bungee heel strap, and you get performance and comfort. Available in a variety of colors.

Tusa SF0107 Hyflex Switch Pro

Scuba Diving Fins

With the HyFlex Switch Pro you get a blade that’s 20 percent stiffer than the standard HyFlex SWITCH. Designed for advanced divers who prefer a bit more feedback in their kicks, the fin’s Angled Blade Design ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle. Available in Black, Transparent/Energy Orange and Transparent/Flash Yellow.

Lamai Scuba Diving

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