Scuba Diving magazine’s annual photography contest

These stunning underwater images took out the top prizes in Scuba Diving magazine’s annual photography contest The vast majority of our planet is underwater, extraordinary and largely unexplored. As such, it provides ripe pickings for photography enthusiasts spoilt by rapidly improving technology and an alien world to return to the surface with stunning pictures like this: The whale calf, shot by Rodney Bursai, is actually an upside-down shot. That’s the winning entry in this year’s Through Your Lens photo contest, developed and produced [...]

Clearing a mask
Scuba Gear

Training Fundamentals:

Clearing Your Mask Clearing your mask is a fundamental dive skill. How can you make the process simpler and more efficient? During your first scuba-training session, you learned about clearing your mask. This foundational skill is essential to becoming a competent scuba diver. Mask clearing is the process of expelling water from inside your mask’s airspace the airspace into the surrounding environment without taking onboard any more water or — even more irritatingly — ingesting any water through your nose. There are [...]