Decompression illness

Decompression Illness – Knowledge is your Best Protection

They say that for every Ying there is a Yang, For every good there is a bad. For scuba diving the bad is Decompression illness, or DCI. To quote the Diver Alert Network (DAN), the largest organization focused on dive medicine, “DCI encompasses two diseases, decompression sickness (DCS) and arterial gas embolism (AGE). DCS is thought to result from bubbles growing in tissue and causing local damage. While AGE results from bubbles entering the lung circulation, traveling through the arteries [...]

ocean trash

Volunteers Have Removed 1 Million Items Of Trash From The Ocean

Project AWARE’s “Dive Against Debris” effort has reached a pretty significant milestone: the removal of a million items of trash from the ocean. “Dive Against Debris” is a global citizen science survey launched in 2011 in which scuba divers around the world remove and report marine litter. Since then, 49,188 divers from 114 countries have helped both to clean up the ocean and build evidence to shine a light on the global marine litter crisis. Recreational and professional divers retrieved objects varying from sunbeds [...]

Dive style

How to Improve Your Style, Dive Longer

How to improve your style, dive longer Have you every watched a shark as it moves along the reef? You see its smooth almost majestic movements, the stream line body, and the relaxed manner it moves into a school of fish. You know that it has power and great speed, however, the shark only calls on it when needed. The shark has evolved to be efficient under the water, scuba divers have not. We have to work at it. The [...]

confined water

Certification While on Vacation, Should I Start at Home?

Certification While on Vacation, Should I Start at Home? The majority of the world’s population lives within a two hours drive of a coast or major waterway. However, that does not mean that they have access to someplace suitable for scuba diving year round. While many a diver will dive in cold water, even under the ice, the majority of divers prefer warm water diving. Learning to dive in a tropical paradise adds to the excitement of someone planning on [...]


5 Principals to Great Buoyancy Control

5 Principals to Great Buoyancy Control Fancy to feel like an astronaut doing a EVA, an Extravehicular activity. Astronauts train for space walks required to repair the International Space Station (ISS) in a specially built swimming pool. The feeling of an astronaut weightlessness in space is almost identical to the feeling of a neutrally buoyant scuba diver. Becoming a skilled diver able to maintain neutrally buoyancy is a task that takes time for many divers. However, it is time well [...]

Scuba Diving Equipment

Steps To Become an Open Water Diver

Steps To Become an Open Water Diver As mentioned previously there are three sections of your open water diver training, knowledge development, confined water training and open water training. For most people considering learning how to dive, it is the water sessions that have the largest concerns. The progression is simple, the five knowledge session provide the background information to understand the need for the skills in the corresponding confined water sessions. The skills learned in the five confined water sessions are [...]