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Koh Tao

Dive Sites in the Koh Samui archipelago Part Two

Shark Island   Shark island is located south coast of Koh Tao depth vary for 28 metres  and above at the southern tip to the surface. At the deeper you my find Reef sharks and sometimes a whale shark if you are lucky. At the shallow ends you will find beautiful gardens hard corals and anemones. This site offers a great range of fish and the odd resident Hawksbill Turtle. Hugh boulders and rock formations give this site a great topography that is ideal [...]

Sail Rock Koh Samui

Dive Sites in the Koh Samui archipelago

Sail Rock Sail Rock is undoubtedly the most famous dive site here in the Koh Samui archipelago.  Located about 45 kilometers north of Koh Samui is mid way between Koh Phangnam and Koh Tao. Sail Rock was at one time use as target practice by the Royal Thai Navy but now provides a sanctuary for abundant species of marine life. The dive site starts at about 35 metres around the base of the rock and rises out of the sea [...]


Checking Your Cylinder Valve

It’s surprisingly common for divers to enter the water with a tank valve in the incorrect position. Make sure to check your tank valve before every dive. Spend time with any seasoned professional diver and they’ll share some of the rookie mistakes they’ve seen while guiding certified divers. It’s surprisingly common, for example, for a diver to enter the water without his cylinder valve in the correct position. This can lead to embarrassment at best and a potentially serious accident [...]


The Evolution of Sharks

Shark fossils have helped scientists conclude numerous facts about the evolution of sharks. They are believed to have first appeared on the planet nearly 455 million years ago.Doliodus Problematicus is the name given to the fossil thought to be the oldest discovered thus far. It is an acanthodian (ak-uhn-thoh-dee-uhn), as well as a chondrichthyan. A large word to mostly describe a skeleton of cartilage, which typically corrodes leaving no clues for future enthusiasts; fortunately for us, Doliodus Problematicus’ fossilized, giving us [...]


History of Sharks: The Devonian Period

The history of sharks goes back a long time. But the term “a long time” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Let’s put it this way: dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic Era, which began about 245 million years ago. Sharks, on the other hand, were living on the planet 200 million years before dinosaurs! Is it starting to sink in now? Sharks are without a doubt one of the oldest creatures this planet has ever known. Fossil Records In order for scientists to [...]