Enriched Air Diver

Lamai scuba DivingYou’re on the boat looking forward to your days diving and notice some tank cylinders with bright yellow and green bands on them signifying they are fill with enriched air (nitrox). This has got you thinking what are the pros and cons on diving on enriched air, your not the only one as PADI’s enriched air specialty scuba diving course is the PADI’s popular specialty course.


The great thing about diving on enriched air is you can extend your time at depth and build a greater safety cushion into your dive plan. Normal air we breath comprise of 21 percent oxygen and close to 79 percent nitrogen and less nitrogen in a mix when scuba diving is always a good thing. Here’s a example if planning your dive with PADI’s RDP (recreational dive planner) you plan your dive to 18 meters on normal air the no-decompression limit NDL is 56 minutes with a 32 percent nitrox your NDL is now 95 minutes even higher on a 36 mix. That means there’s a whole lot more diving time per tank.


Nitrox can also help divers who might have a higher risk of decompression sickness due to physical injuries, fitness or age by building in a greater safety cushion in to your dive. You make a dive on a 32 mix to 18 meters for 56 minutes and at the end of the dive you are still 39 minutes away from you NDL. Remenber this is no guarantee that your 100 percent free but it does reduce the risk as less nitrogen is being absorbed in to your body.


There is of course a down side and we at Lamai Scuba Diving will train you though PADI’s Enriched Air Diver course. We help you understand differant gas mixtures, partial pressures and depth limitations. You will learn how to analyse your tanks and plan your dive accordingly to the mixture in your tank. The course is also possible to complete as a theory course without the dives but what’s the fun in just doing the theory so we recommend doing the dives so you can feel the benefits of Nitrox.


Included in the price


  • All PADI materials and certification
  • any scuba equipment needed for the dive
  • refreshment
  • lunch
  • PADI Specialty Instructor

Theory only 5,000b

Theory and 2 boat dives 8,500b




Minimum age 12 years

PADI Open Water Diver or qualifying rating from another organization.