Japanese Gardens

Japanese Garden is a dive site close to the beach of Koh Nanyuan, this is a great dive site for the beginner and for diver trainer. It is made up from coral formation which starts at 3mtr and goes down to 12mtr. There is abundant array of fish. The sand bottom is excellent for training and horning you’re diving skills where you will gain more confidence in a safe controlled environment.


It has a large selection of corals, funnel coral, mushroom and staghorn coral. To the south side of the dive site you can find a swim thoughts and to the north is Red Rock. To the north east of the site about a 60m swim the is a small ship wreck which lays at 18m.
The trip to Japanese Gardens takes about 1hr 20min from Koh Samui, we do one dive here and then after lunch choose another dive site before heading back to Koh Samui.


  • Depth: 12 Meters
  • Visibility: 8 – 20 Meters
  • Currents: Mild
  • Experience: Beginner