Green Rock

Green Rock lies north of Koh NangYuan , it starts at 1mtr and goes down to 28mtr. It is made up of boulder formations that offer array of short swim throughs. This is a great place to see turtles also this is where we will find yellow margin and titan trigger fish that make their nest here. In the covens you will see white eyed moray eels, boxer shrimps and array of parrot fish feeding on the coral. Hawkbill Turtles can often be seen here as well as sea snakes.


The trip to Green Rock takes about 1hr 30min from Koh Samui, we do one dive here and then after lunch choose another dive site before heading back to Koh Samui.


  • Visibility: 5 – 30 Meters
  • Currents: Medium to Strong
  • Experience: Intermediate
  • Depth 28 Meters